7 Best Dog Food Brands in 2021

Best Dog Food Brands

Dogs are adorable pets, and they bring joy and happiness to many homes. They are the life of a household and they always have a way of cheering us up. With such love and commitment, caring for them and providing them with the best dog food brands and things of life is the only way to show them you love them too.

Which food is best for my dog? What is the best, nutritionally balanced diet for my dog? Food is a crucial part of anyone’s life, and that of dogs are not exempted. You need to provide your dog with the best food from the best dog food brands.

There are many dog food brands out there, and not all of them are made equal. In this guide, we will walk you through some of the top dog food brands that make high-quality and nutrient-rich diets for dogs.

Here Are the Best Dog Food Brands:

1. Royal Canin

Royal Canin is one of the most respected brands in the dog food industry. This brand makes some of the best dog foods on the market today. Royal Canin makes dog foods for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. It also makes dog food that caters to the nutritional needs of dogs with specific needs. This company has a long line of food for dogs with different health conditions as well.

Most of its foods are available in both dry and wet options, allowing you to choose an option that your dog loves. The values of this firm are inspiring. In addition to being focused on formulating healthy pet foods, this company also aims to reduce its environmental impact.

Royal Canin started making pet food in France back in the ‘60s. The company has grown enormously over the decades. The dog foods from this brand are also available in almost all online stores and many local pet food stores.

2. Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is another brand to turn to if you are looking for high-quality food for your dog. This brand makes dog food with ingredients that are similar to what dogs eat in the wild. It is also known for making some of the best-budget dog foods on the market. They make relatively cheap dog foods without compromising the quality.

This family-owned firm prides itself on making high-quality ingredients to help pups live a healthy and happy life. Their list of ingredients contains more than the conventional beef and chicken. They always contain premium ingredients such as bison, trout, venison, lamb, and more. All their foods contain fish, poultry, or meat as the number one ingredient and no fillers or grains.

This brand makes all its pet foods in the US, in a safe and well-secured environment. In addition to providing high-quality food, the dog foods from this brand are 100 percent safe. They also make both dry and wet foods for puppy and adult dogs of all breeds and sizes.

3. Hill’s Science

This is another highly reliable brand. If you are looking for a vet to recommend food for a dog with a sensitive stomach, Hill’s Science is one of the best brands to turn to. This brand makes quality dog foods that are friendly with the stomach and digestive system of a dog. They use natural ingredients to make their foods.

They are one of the good dog food brands that make dog foods that meet the nutritional requirements set by the AAFCO. Dog foods from this brand help dogs to manage their weight and sensitive stomach and skin. It does not cause any form of irritation and it is free from artificial ingredients such as fillers, preservatives, chemicals, colors, and flavors.

4. Orijen

Champion Petfoods make Orijen, and it is one of the top dog food brands out there. Orijen makes both dog and cat foods. This brand makes safe and high-quality dog foods for all sizes, breeds, and ages of dogs. They also make special dog foods for dogs with certain health conditions and nutritional needs.

This brand makes biologically appropriate food, which means the ingredients used to make the food are the natural food your dog is supposed to eat. All their ingredients are natural and fresh, and they pass through comprehensive cleaning processes, ensuring your dog gets only the best food possible.

If you have a very fussy dog, you can rely on the tastiness and smell of dog foods from this brand. They make foods that even the fussiest dogs cannot reject.

5. Blue Buffalo

This brand prides itself on making dog foods with their ancestral ingredients. Blue Buffalo is one of the best dog food brands out there and they make foods that cater to the nutritional needs of all dogs. Different dogs (puppies and adults) have different nutritional needs, and this brand considers that when making dog foods.

They have dog foods for puppies, adults, large breeds, small, breeds, and medium breeds. They also make food for dogs with special needs. This brand has different product lines such as Blue Freedom, Baby Blue, Blue Basics, Blue Life Protection, and more. They also make both dry kibbles and canned dog foods.

This company has two factories in the United States, and all their pet foods are made in those factories. The foods from this brand also meet the nutritional standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials. They also adhere to the standard of the Global Nutrition Committee of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association.

6. Purina

If you are looking for a super-rich meal and treat combo for your pup, Purina is one of the best brands to rely on. This brand makes dog foods that are nutritionally balanced and complete for all dog breeds and sizes. It offers a unique blend of kibble, dry dog food, canned food, and shredded morsels.

They make dog food free of artificial ingredients such as colors, preservatives, fillers, flavors, and allergens. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or skin, Purina has dog foods to cater to their needs. The major protein source of most of their dog food is real chicken, and their diets are also protein-rich.

They make special dog foods for puppies to help them grow strong and healthy. Their diets also help in maintaining healthy digestion. You can also find foods for large and giant breeds in the Purina Pro line – for senior dogs, adults, and puppies. This brand has been making pet food for almost one century and they always deliver great and high-quality dog foods.

7. Wellness

Wellness is another good dog food brand that makes awesome dog foods. Wellness is very popular for making grain-free dog foods. If your dog is allergic to grains, you can rely on the grain-free formulas of Wellness. Wellness makes dog foods with high-quality and organic protein sources such as turkey, duck, fish, and chicken. The dog foods from this brand are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and skin.

Their formulas also help dogs to prevent inflammation and skin allergy. This brand also designs foods that meet the nutritional needs of different dog breeds, sizes, and ages. They make special diets for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. Wellness also makes foods for cats, and this brand has been in the business for a very long time.

This brand makes foods that are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. Wellness is a brand you can trust and they offer dog foods in both dry and wet formulas.

Things to Know Before Shopping For Dog Food

Consult Your Vet

Before buying dog food for your dog, you should consult your vet. The vet is in the best position to recommend the right food for your dog. They are well-experienced in this field and they can examine your dog to know the right ingredients they need to grow healthy and strong. If your dog is allergic to certain ingredients, you should avoid those ingredients to prevent issues.

Shop for Balanced and Complete Food

You should always go for nutritionally complete and balanced diets. The dog food should provide your pup with all the nutrition, vitamins, and minerals they need. It should be rich in protein, fat, and contain lots of veggies and fruits. Antioxidant-rich diets are also very important, as they help to boost the immune and digestive health of your dog.

Size and Breed

You also need to consider the size and breed of your dog when buying dog food. Different dog food brands make dog foods for different breeds, sizes, and ages. If you have a small breed dog, you want to make sure the food you choose is nutritionally balanced and complete for the dog. Puppies should stick with puppy formulas, as they are designed to help them grow healthy, strong, and fast.


Being man’s best friend, dogs are increasingly becoming a huge part of our life. We need to care for our dogs and provide them with the best dog food on the market. In this guide, we have outlined some of the best dog food brands that make high-quality and safe foods for dogs. We hope this will help streamline your decision-making process when looking for the best dog food for your dog.

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