Best Canadian Dog Food in 2021

Best Canadian Dog Food

Here, we’re going to discuss why Canadian dog food can sometimes be the best option to feed your dog.

As pet dietary needs become an increasingly important conversation, dog food guidelines and quality continue to improve. Dog food used to be a less regulated industry, as less pressure was put on it previously because the demand and research for better quality dog food weren’t there yet.

Now that we have this education and information, we can scrutinize our pet’s food on a deeper level. We can now examine the sourcing of the meat in the food, the wholeness of the grains, and the lack of fillers and determine if the food is high enough quality to feed our furry best friends.

Best Canadian Dog Food

The pet food industry in Canada is regulated, but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (The CFIA) and must ensure that the food quality is high and consistent.

The industry is a billion-dollar industry in Canada in total, so a whole CFIA division is designated for pet food supervision. The CFIA regulates a lot of import of dog food, both commercially and personally.

Their website states that “The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulates pet food imports and related products to prevent animal diseases from being introduced into Canada.” The following products are regulated under the Health of Animals Regulations if they are imported into Canada.

  • Pet food (for example, dog food and cat food)
  • Pet treats
  • Some compound chews

Similar to how the FDA to The States, the CIFA patrols the guidelines of what they are and cannot include into the food. As mentioned previously, dog food regulation has become more prominent in the last 15 years with the revelations of the things that used to be included within dog foods periods companies have had to become more stringent about disclosing what’s inside dog food, where the dog food comes from, and honestly how good the food is for your dog (or lack thereof.)

This came after the realization that there were GMO fillers, additives, and things that you would never put on your table in dog food. Canada does a great job of checking and regulating and holding dog food companies accountable when necessary.

What Makes a Top Canadian Dog Food

What does it take to be a top Canadian dog food brand? We’re going to talk about three different things that build a top dog food brand. The first thing is the quality meat content. Dogs are carnivores and so they need meat in their diet to thrive.

Where regulation and supervision comes in, is making them eat of a certain quality legally necessary in the food. Meat in dog food brand should also be ethically and sustainably sourced in order to make a great dog food brand. Some dog food brands have more meat content compared to others which can change the price but also can increase the quality of the food.

Dogs need a lot of protein in their diet usually ranging throughout their whole life, so you’ll want to look for a dog food brand that is high in protein an high in good quality meat. Especially so, you might want to find something with human grade ingredients used in dog food products.

The second thing to consider is that there is vegan dog food it’s based in Canada and they don’t use ingredients such as animal meat, dairy products, or eggs to their dog food some brands use purely plant-based ingredients like sprouted seeds, hemp seeds, bamboo, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, lentils, chia seeds, flaxseed and many more. Dogs can get protein from seed sources and these do count as whole proteins, just make sure that your dog skin or coat isn’t suffering from the lack of real meat or omega-3 content.

The next thing to look at as far as Canadian brands go is the use of tripe in their food, Some Canadian dog food companies make food products that are somehow based on tripe, they believe that tripe has multiple nutrients that are beneficial for dogs, so they add tripe into each of their dog food kinds.

Another thing to consider is Canadian dog food that relieves specific dog health issues. Some dogs have health problems that come from being sensitive to ingredients in their food, having allergies, or having health issues to start out with. A lot of dogs are actually allergic to generic or popular dog food ingredients, so it’s great that you can find alternatives to popular dog foods that have no greens potatoes antibiotics hormones or preservatives.

These products that are very health based and highly scrutinized are often very balanced with protein carbs and fats so that dogs are being fed the optimal food for the issues that they might have.

Some dogs have a very sensitive stomach a few Canadian dog food lines have prebiotics and probiotics added to each bag of dog food and a higher amount of fiber that will help with digestion and increase your dog’s good bacteria so that they have less stomach issues and are more comfortable.

Another great thing to notice is that Canada has plenty of non-GMO formulas of dog food. This means that the ingredients within them have not been genetically modified so nothing is created in a laboratory and everything is either grown how you would eat it or how your dog would find it in the wild.

GMO food has been known to give people and animals side effects and GMO-free brands have increased in popularity since scientists have found connections between GMO’s, steroids, hormones, artificial preservatives, and byproducts in the recent years.

Homeward pet organization suggests looking for the same things in your food that The CFA recommends. Everything from meat and fat products that are identified by species such as debone salmon meal, Foods with meat as the first ingredient and starch is lower on the list, grain free or whole grain foods, whole fruits and vegetables, and organic ingredients.

They also tend to agree on the things to avoid, Things like ingredient lists that contain unidentified meat products in their food, any sort of byproducts especially ones that are unidentifiable, artificial colors flavors preservatives, grain fragments, and corn and soy.

They also work to confirm the nutritional benefits of foods so that the things that you are promised from your dog food like a healthy coat or healthy joints or high protein content, or actually delivered in the end result of your dog’s meal.

Canadian organizations, and Canadian dog food makers seem to make this a priority, which is a huge benefit of shopping Canadian.


Canada and consequently its local companies and guidelines have become more sustainably friendly. A popular thing to find in most Canadian dog food is environmentally friendly packaging.

A lot of these companies sourced out of Canada will try to be environmentally friendly in their manufacturing process. While it can be pricier and more time consuming to be sustainable Canada has made this a priority in their processes and that is reflected in the manufacturing of dog food as well.

For the past few years, Canada has really prioritized being sustainable in every aspect, even enforcing it within government. Their evaluating their use of fossil fuels, engaging in waste management, using energy efficient sources of energy comma using renewable energy, and focusing on pollution prevention.

So it only makes sense that Canada is also prioritizing sustainability and ethical sourcing of ingredients within their dog food, even down to its packaging.

Why Switch to Canadian Dog Food?

When considering why to switch to a top Canadian dog food, you’ll want to think about what you’re really feeding your pet. Consider what you would eat if it was put on your plate. Would you eat kibble that you knew had filler in it? Or wasn’t regulated or checked well by a government Department? You probably wouldn’t.

We’d all like to feed our pets something that we’re happy with and something that we’re proud of, so Canadian dog food is often a really great avenue to go if you’re concerned about what you’re feeding your dog.

There are many different kinds of Canadian dog food options to choose from and you can research the best Canadian dry dog food, the best Canadian puppy food, the best Canadian senior food, and it will probably come up as one of the best foods in general as well.

Your dog is probably everything to you, and so it is well worth your time and money to research and decide on feeding your dog a top Canadian dog food instead of anything else.

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